Exchange 2013 Hybrid Wizard–Empty Certificate Dropdown

When Running the Hybrid mode wizard in Exchange 2013, occasionally you’ll find that the certificate dropdown selector within the wizard is empty, even though you’ve confirmed that

  • the certificate is a valid third party certificate
  • services have been assigned to the same certificate in Exchange

with a screen which looks as follows:


We can confirm the certificate validity via PowerShell using



We know that the hybrid configuration is stored in Active Directory, so even though we can’t complete the Hybrid Mode configuration via the GUI, we can populate the required field – in this case which certificate to use, using PowerShell. 

We will be using the Set-HybridMode cmdlet to force the certificate selection. First we’ll examine the certificate for the  the Issuer and Subject attributes as follows



then we’ll combine those into the required sting and set it using the Set-HybridMode cmdlet


We can see the successful population of the Hybrid mode object using the Get-HybridConfiguration cmdlet


Next, we can re-run the Hybrid mode Wizard, and even though the dropdown still appears as empty, we can click past to the next stage. Once the wizard completes, however, we are able to choose to modify the Hybrid mode configuration, and see the certificate in the wizard, even though the drop down menu is still empty.