Going to Cloud Based Exchange and don’t know where to start? Want to Compare Gmail and Exchange online side by side?

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Very common for most orgs evaluating cloud based mail to not know where to start, or understand where the benefits are. This morning I was made aware of a free tool from Quest, called the Quest Migration Assessment Tool, or QMAT for short. It’s a  browser-based application that provides guidance for evaluating Microsoft Exchange Online […]

Who would have known…..

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That one little blog post could generate so much heat: http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2009/07/16/451784.aspx The Exchange team blogged about their decision to stick with ESE. The media jumped on the band wagon and reported in a slightly neutral stance while comments abound on the blog post. There’s much heat being generated, and the comments display a fair amount […]

Exchange 2010 Beta Released

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What’s Exchange 2010 – Exchange 14 of course, or the public name for the next version of Exchange. I’ve picked a few things to talk about in this post and more will follow in due course. Two links that will be immediately interesting are the download link and the beta documentation link. Download the Beta […]

Should You Virtualize Exchange 2007 SP1 ?

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REALLY good question – I’m glad you asked. The question isn’t really SHOULD you anymore, however under what circumstances should you virtualize. Microsoft has released some great guidance as to why and under what circumstances virtualization is a good idea and under some circumstances why it should be actively encouraged. 4 Scenarios are discussed which […]

Exchange 2007 and Large Mailboxes

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So what’s large ? In My Mind a large mailbox is anything to impractical for an OST, so anywhere above the 2GB mark, depending on hardware. The slower the hard drive – the smaller the OST becomes. Microsoft published a new white paper  Planning for Large Mailboxes with Exchange 2007, and it’s an interesting read. […]

I have a new Toy – a Blackberry 8800

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Yup – it’s not a Windows phone – it’s a Blackberry – Why ? Battery life with good follow-me email support. The Blackberry service knows how to suck mail out of OWA and push it to my phone – while it’s not the rich phone experience I’m used to on the Windows Phone platform, it’s […]

How fast is YOUR Outlook?

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This has got to be one of the most subjective matters, ever – How fast/slow is Outlook performing. While researching another topic, I came across a blog post from the Exchange team which allows us to give our users guidance on how to structure their mailboxes and why. Check it out here: http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2005/03/14/395229.aspx This is […]