Going to Cloud Based Exchange and don’t know where to start? Want to Compare Gmail and Exchange online side by side?

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Very common for most orgs evaluating cloud based mail to not know where to start, or understand where the benefits are. This morning I was made aware of a free tool from Quest, called the Quest Migration Assessment Tool, or QMAT for short. It’s a  browser-based application that provides guidance for evaluating Microsoft Exchange Online […]

PHP Manager for IIS 7

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No you didn’t read wrong, the title is correct – PHP manager will work with IIS 7 and 7.5 The official IIS site now features a very cool download allowing you to:   Register PHP with IIS; Validate and properly configure existing PHP installations; Run multiple PHP versions side by side on the same server […]

Microsoft P2V tool released

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This week is a time to talk about most things virtual. Microsoft recently released it’s own P2V, i.e. Physical to Virtual Migration tool to assist with Windows 7 deployment, allowing you to P2V your old Windows XP environment into your new Windows 7 deployment, should you need to run a critical app that would only […]

Build your own cloud

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Why build your own? Do you need your own? What if you do? And you want to build it on Hyper-V ? If you don’t think that Hyper-V is that mature, then consider that Hyper-V adoption is up by 12%. Virtualisation is the cornerstone to rapid provisioning of cloud based systems, and the talk on […]

Make Web not War – PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal available for download on Microsoft .com

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That a quote from the bottom of a series of Microsoft Web pages. Interested ? Read on…. Things have been rather interesting over at http://www.microsoft.com/web/, specifically over at www.microsoft.com/web/drupal www.microsoft.com/web/wordpress www.microsoft.com/web/umbraco www.microsoft.com/web/dotnetnuke www.microsoft.com/web/screwturnwiki www.microsoft.com/web/blogengine www.microsoft.com/web/joomla   Each one of these represents a download area to an installer to get any one of these applications downloaded […]

Exchange 2010 – Notes from the field

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That’s the title of the presentation I’m delivering at Microsoft Techdays www.techdays.co.za In Durban today. Topics are going to range from what’s new across versions to what’s new and how to design for new features AS WELL AS anything the audience would like to talk about. The presentation will be ITPRO focused, averaging at a […]