Going to Cloud Based Exchange and don’t know where to start? Want to Compare Gmail and Exchange online side by side?

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Very common for most orgs evaluating cloud based mail to not know where to start, or understand where the benefits are. This morning I was made aware of a free tool from Quest, called the Quest Migration Assessment Tool, or QMAT for short. It’s a  browser-based application that provides guidance for evaluating Microsoft Exchange Online […]

Jetstress Field Guide Released

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Jetstress for Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007  and Exchange 2003 have been written about for a while, however, we haven’t had the official word on planning, installing and configuring Jetstress, as well as once it’s run how to accurately read and interpret Jetstress reporting data. Today a post appeared on the EHLO Blog advertising the availability […]

Exchange 2010 Release Candidate Available

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Release Candidate means that the features have been locked, but some bugs are still being chased. More importantly it’s available for download. There’s two links you want to checkout: The fist one is the Exchange Team Blog, the second one is the download site. The download site is taking a bit of time to come […]

Chalk and Cheese

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Let’s talk about large mailbox performance, one of my favourite topics! Exchange has been getting better and better at servicing larger mailboxes over the years. Since Exchange 2007 SP1 we’ve been able to design larger, more redundant configurations on cheaper storage, however the client experience has lagged somewhat. Since Office 2007 SP2 my personal experience […]

Exchange 2003 PowerPack!

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Checkout the PowerPack available for PowerGui. If you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m a huge fan of both PowerShell and PowerGui which sits on top of PowerShell. In this PowerPack Jonathan has made 53 different node available. That’s a HUGE amount of effort. Checkout the original post on Dmitry’s Blog: http://dmitrysotnikov.wordpress.com/2008/07/30/exchange-2003-powerpack/ PowerGui Exposes […]

I'm Famous!

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Well, only in the virtual sense, and then only if you’re a nerd, and then only if you happen to be looking at http://www.virtualteched.com/Pages/default.aspx the landing page for virtual Tech-ed and the Tech-ed videos. I did a seven minute interview on – you guessed it, Power Shell and Exchange 2003, same as my Chalk and Talk […]

SBS POP3 connector pain

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I have recently had a number of run-in’s with the SBS 2003 POP3 connector and the thing’s it DOESN’T do properly, such as not duplicate mail incessantly or just plain drop mail addressed to BCC – blind carbon copy recipients. With that in mind, I’ve looked at the options for a POP connector replacement which […]

PowerGUI supports Exchange 2003

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     Yip, PowerGUI now supports Exchange 2003 – but then it always did 😉 My earlier posts talked about how to get data out of Exchange 2003 – well might as well see it in a usable format in a GUI that doesn’t cost you anything. Here’s another node I added – Get Services […]