Using PowerShell to determine the state of MAPI Encryption on Exchange Servers

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In Exchange 2010 specifically, or even Exchange 2007/2010 mixed orgs you can easily detect which servers require MAPI encryption. The easiest would be to run Get-RPCClientAccess, which returns all Exchange 2010 servers  hosting MAPI Endpoints and all encryption levels as well as if the server carries  MAPI client and/or public folder responsibility. The output above […]

Going to Cloud Based Exchange and don’t know where to start? Want to Compare Gmail and Exchange online side by side?

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Very common for most orgs evaluating cloud based mail to not know where to start, or understand where the benefits are. This morning I was made aware of a free tool from Quest, called the Quest Migration Assessment Tool, or QMAT for short. It’s a  browser-based application that provides guidance for evaluating Microsoft Exchange Online […]

Jetstress Field Guide Released

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Jetstress for Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007  and Exchange 2003 have been written about for a while, however, we haven’t had the official word on planning, installing and configuring Jetstress, as well as once it’s run how to accurately read and interpret Jetstress reporting data. Today a post appeared on the EHLO Blog advertising the availability […]

Exchange 2007 is not dead :)

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No Exchange 2007 is NOT dead – on the contrary, it’s getting better as is proved by the lasted blog post entitled Overview of Exchange 2007 SP2 Rollup Installation. This post and the previous post announcing the release of the rollup made it quite clear that support for Exchange 2007 is ongoing and quite healthy! […]

The case for wildcard certificates

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Wildcard certificates used to have a stigma attached to them; however I didn’t really know where that stigma came from, except that it was considered “best practice” not to use them under certain circumstances. So I did a bit of digging – let’s start with the gold standard for Certificate Authorities (CA) – VeriSign, gold […]

Exchange 2007 SP3

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This may have snuck by a whole bunch of folks, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it. First off, SP3 isn’t out yet, but it’s currently in progress. Exchange 2007 owners can expect another service pack, specifically SP3 is scheduled for release in the later half of 2010 to add support to […]