Exchange 2000 is dead

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Well… not so much dead as out of support. As of today both Exchange 2000 and SQL 7 Support ends, which means, no more patches, no more support unless you buy a custom support agreement. If this doesn’t bother you and you don’t plan on moving – great, if you didn’t know about this and […]

Don’t call the Night Nurse – How To Upgrade Exchange 2010 Licensing from Exchange 2010 Standard to Exchange 2010 Enterprise

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A customer of mine deployed Exchange 2010 and then licensed it as Exchange 2010 Standard by applying the applicable license key – However soon afterwards they realised that they could not do a bunch of things that needed Exchange Enterprise features such as deploy more than 5 Databases. To recap – The Exchange product key […]

Exchange 2007 SP3

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This may have snuck by a whole bunch of folks, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it. First off, SP3 isn’t out yet, but it’s currently in progress. Exchange 2007 owners can expect another service pack, specifically SP3 is scheduled for release in the later half of 2010 to add support to […]

Exchange Best Practices Analyzer revisited

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Ok so this isn’t a new topic – but actually it IS. Exchange Best Practices Analyzer or ExBPA updates quite regularly, and as such it’s something that the Exchange administrator should be running regularly. The reasons are quite simple: Owning Exchange is a moving target – Patches, Rollup Updates, etc change the software landscape and […]

Exchange 2010 UM – Where did FAX go

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The Exchange team put out a great post that may be a bit of a shock to you if you’re running 2007 UM and receiving faxes. Exchange 2010 UM no longer handles the inbound fax negotiation, if a fax tone is heard, the call is handed off to a fax solution via the solutions URI. […]

Chalk and Cheese

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Let’s talk about large mailbox performance, one of my favourite topics! Exchange has been getting better and better at servicing larger mailboxes over the years. Since Exchange 2007 SP1 we’ve been able to design larger, more redundant configurations on cheaper storage, however the client experience has lagged somewhat. Since Office 2007 SP2 my personal experience […]

Exchange 2007 and Large Mailboxes

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So what’s large ? In My Mind a large mailbox is anything to impractical for an OST, so anywhere above the 2GB mark, depending on hardware. The slower the hard drive – the smaller the OST becomes. Microsoft published a new white paper  Planning for Large Mailboxes with Exchange 2007, and it’s an interesting read. […]