Episode 38: Outlook for Mac – No longer a second-class citizen..

for Mac has come a long way since it's humble beginnings as Entourage. As avid Outlook for Mac ourselves, Chris Goosen and I were excited to sit down with Alessio and Jessica to talk about the history, the much anticipated new version of the product and how important your feedback is to the team building it!


Alessio Roic is a Group Program Manager and 23-year veteran at Microsoft where he leads the product management team for Outlook for Mac. Alessio is passionate about driving the adoption of agile methodologies, data driven design, growth strategies and customer focus. You can connect with Alessio on LinkedIn or via email (listen to show for email address).


Jessica Wilczek is a Outlook + Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft focusing on Outlook Mobile, Outlook for Mac, and Bookings. Jessica is driven by challenges, loves to think outside the box, and has a passion for analytical problem solving with creative solutions. You can connect with Jessica on LinkedIn or via email.

Heres a link to Outlook for Mac on UserVoice:

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