Episode 37: “Rumors of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated”

Kevin Shaughnessy

Message transport in Office 365 “Just works” and is often considered to be the plumbing of the service. Despite the rise in popularity of social messaging apps, 62% of business professionals prefer email for business communications and the number of emails delivered daily worldwide is forecast to grow 18% by 2023. In this episode we chat to Kevin Shaughnessy about some of the message transport enhancements and innovation announced at Microsoft Ignite recently.

Kevin Shaughnessy is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and leads the M365 Exchange Transport team’s efforts to address customer mail flow challenges and requests. A 23-year Microsoft veteran, Kevin’s breadth and depth of experience across multiple disciplines (Technical Support, Technical Marketing, Analyst Relations, and Engineering) makes him uniquely qualified to transform existing customer experiences into new email innovations and solutions that target the needs of the modern mail flow admin. You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn or via email. Here are some additional links discussed in the episode:

This episode is also available as a video recording: