Episode 27: Modern Hybrid In Exchange (and little old ladies)

The Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) has come a long way since it was first introduced in SP2, prior to that configuring a hybrid deployment required ~50 manual steps. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Greg Taylor and Georgia Huggins while in Redmond recently to talk about the evolution of the HCW and what challenges the newly released Hybrid Agent solves for customers.


Georgia Huggins is a Program Manager for Online and currently owns the experience to establish hybrid from Exchange Server on premises to EXO. She has experience working with both small and large enterprise customers and designing, building and delivering features based on their needs. Georgia also spent many years managing, testing and supporting Exchange Server in pre-production and production environments for Information Technology groups.


Greg Taylor is the Director of Product Marketing for Server and Exchange Online. Prior to that he spent many years as part of the Exchange Engineering and Customer Experience teams, designing and building Exchange features, working with large enterprise customers, presenting at public and working with technology communities. Greg also ran the Certified Master (MCM) and Architect (MCA) and Ranger Programs for Microsoft, an elite 3-6 week in-person Redmond based program, training Microsoft and partner consultants and engineers how to design and troubleshoot the world’s largest and most complex Exchange deployments. You can find Greg on Twitter @gregtaylor_msft