Yes there is, yes there is, YES THERE IS AN SP1

Wohooo, news of SP1 is out, and we can talk about the new richness and goodness in SP1, including but not limited to:

  • Becoming more attractive instantly after applying the SP.
  • Outlook 2007 being able to access the Personal Archive
  • OWA being faster than any other version ever, even faster than 2010 RTM
  • Staggering amounts of management functionality in ECP, including RBACK role definition (wish THAT was publish when I did two boot camps last week)
  • New Public folder features (reminds me of what we had in 2003)
  • Alternate Witness Server settable in EMC
  • Beta bits to play with in June AND MORE

Ok, so the first point may be a bit delayed, but the other features are locked for delivery in the half year time frame.

We’ve been griping about some features being missing (Public folder manageability amongst them) and it’s great to see an example of a Microsoft Product Team actively and publicly incorporating this feedback into delivering a solid product. For those of you interested in cross site DAG’s and needing more options in a split brain scenario, this service pack may make life easier with more options available in the GUI than ever before.

Go team, and very well done.