Updates to Exchange Server 2007 Mailbox Server Storage Cost Calculator

An update to the Mailbox Server Storage Cost Calculator was published today. This brings the current version up to Version 4.0

If you spend any time building Exchange 2007 solutions, this should be part of your toolkit!

Here's a snapshot of the post:

      • We introduced the capability for you to select the type of backup solution you want to utilize when analyzing the cost of various disk configurations.  You can now choose either VSS Clone, VSS Snapshot, or disable the feature all together.  We also adjusted the language to recommend usage of VSS clones or a solution that can guarantee fast recovery (3 minutes + log replay) in the event that you choose to deploy large mailboxes without continuous replication.
      • We allow you to choose as to whether you want to price things out on an individual component perspective (e.g. disk cost) or from an entire solution cost.
      • We allow you to enter in the number of storage enclosures and storage controllers, their relevant costs and power consumption as well.
      • We simplified the SCC vs. CCR tab...... Read the rest HERE