I like free

It's been a good week for free. VMWARE giving things away, and so are Simple Talk. Simple Talk are giving away a copy of an E-book that's actually useful. If you know something or nothing about Exchange, it's worth having a read, especially since it's free.

The book is a collection of chapters from five books, here's a list of the chapters you get for free.

  • Server Architecture
  • Applying Planning Principles to Sever 2007
  • Server Administration
  • Installing Server 2007
  • Scaling Upward and Outward
  • Sizing Groups and Databases
  • Defining Policies and Procedures
  • Planning a Backup and Recovery Solution for Server 2007
  • Planning Server 2007
  • Creating, Managing Highly Available Server Solutions


If this can help you in any way at all grab it here