I have a new Toy – a Blackberry 8800

Yup - it's not a Windows phone - it's a Blackberry - Why ?

Battery life with good follow-me email support. The Blackberry service knows how to suck mail out of OWA and push it to my phone - while it's not the rich phone experience I'm used to on the Windows Phone platform, it's got better battery life than any smart Phone I've had in recent years, and I've got the stuff I need - Email, contacts, calendar - oh, and its a phone 😉


BTW - Media playback is awesome on this platform - I found a really cool tool to get my vids into a nice format - and it's work for any phone out there that'll play AVI's


The promised GPS software with turn by turn guidance turned out to be Blackberry Maps, which are about as useful as any other mapping software - but not what was sold to me. I'll see if the service provider will change these for me.