Celebrating a master, Roberts Rules gains recognition

Having had the privilege of sharing a class with Robert Gillies during my MCM 2010 rotation last year, I wanted to call out a blog entry which mentions Robert Gillies and comments on his writing on the Exchange team blog.




Robert is a consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services, and since he’s been doing that for a while he’s a senior consultant with years and years of real world experience.

I found Robert to be a consultant to consultants, distilling real world application and principles whilst  being the customers advocate. He’s also designed and built Exchange environments of significant scale.

Lofty praise I know, however it’s because of folks like Robert blogging on the Exchange Team Blog, that real world application and best practices make it into more and more designs with the blessing of the product team. Roberts influence and writings have directly impacted on my designs and my customers have been the better for it.

Sharing a classroom over three weeks of 14-18 hours days, I know how honest and real world Roberts advice is, I enjoy reading Roberts Rules, and it appears I’m not the only one.

Well done Robert!