Active Directory Recycle Bin

If you don't know about this feature in 2008 R2, then this may save your job one day.

By Default the Recycle Bin is switched off, and once enabled cannot be disabled - may want to think about that and the impact it has on replication and DIT sizes - However if you DON'T have cool third party tools to do your AD undeleting for you then you want to know about this. TechNet talks about this in two flavours, undeleting via LDP (yawn), or undeleting via PowerShell (Yaaaaaaaay). Think about it, undeleting 1000 objects in a gui that less then friendly, or having a greater measure of control via a script.......

I don't think it'll be too long before the guys at PowerGui will have an awesome snap-in to make your lives easier!

In the meantime, checkout the article: Active Directory Recycle Bin Step-by-Step Guide