[0xC3EC7921] Invalid meeting content directory set for IIS virtual directory

This error can occur when setting up 2007 without much direction as to what caused it or how to fix it. Since not everyone's moving to 64bit immediately, I thought it worth it to post about this issue.

Actually the full error reads as follows:

[0xC3EC7921] Invalid meeting content directory set for virtual directory. Please make sure the directory ends with WWW.

The OCS prerequisites for IIS were installed and working however when trying to find root cause on this, I couldn't find it. The install logs are rather ambiguous, leading me to the conclusion that SOMETHING is missing on the IIS end.

The only fix I have working so far is to:

  • Quit the OCS deployment screen
  • Unistall IIS,
  • Reinstall IIS – I re-registered .net 2.0 extensions for good measure by browsing to c:\\.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 directory and running “aspnet_regiis –i “
  • Browse to z:\setup\i386\setup\ – where “z:” is the drive letter of your OCS install CD or path
  • Remove OCS Web Components by executing webcomponents.msi
  • re-run deploy.exe and resume your install. Step 2 will now be marked as “partial”

When watching the install process you should see the Activate Web Components Server stage move from failure to success.