I like free

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It’s been a good week for free. VMWARE giving things away, and so are Simple Talk. Simple Talk are giving away a copy of an E-book that’s actually useful. If you know something or nothing about Exchange, it’s worth having a read, especially since it’s free. The book is a collection of chapters from five […]

VMware to release ESX 3i for free next week

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Caught this on Hypervoria today Why is this a good move ? 😉 It’s going to make both Microsoft and VMWARE Hypervisor better with competition hotting up in the market. With both companies releasing virtualization products to the rest of us that make our life easier, why wouldn’t I be smiling!

Why talk about PowerShell ?

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You might be wondering why I’m posting so much about PowerShell since I’m an Exchange MVP. I’m going to try and expand on this a little bit and add as much clarity as I can. Jeffrey Snover has spoken about this a lot in his introductory sessions on PowerShell and I’d like to amplify this […]


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If you’re STILL looking for easy ways to learn PowerShell and you haven’t been to one of my talks about learning PowerShell from INSIDE PowerShell, then have a look at PowerTab. It’s FREE and it’s so useful I may trade in a less useful body part or two in exchange 😉 get it here: http://thepowershellguy.com/blogs/posh/archive/2007/06/05/powertab-0-93-and-bdd-2007-teaser.aspx […]

SBS POP3 connector pain

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I have recently had a number of run-in’s with the SBS 2003 POP3 connector and the thing’s it DOESN’T do properly, such as not duplicate mail incessantly or just plain drop mail addressed to BCC – blind carbon copy recipients. With that in mind, I’ve looked at the options for a POP connector replacement which […]

GUI on a cmdlet

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If you even have the slightest interest in Powershell, then check out PowerGUI. PowerGUI is a REALLY nice extensible wrapper around Powershell. You can learn a lot from the script source that’s included in the product and there’s a TON of Exchange 2007 stuff that you can do from PowerGUI that’s hard to do from […]