Jetstress Field Guide Released

for Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007  and Exchange 2003 have been written about for a while, however, we haven't had the official word on planning, installing and configuring Jetstress, as well as once it's run how to accurately read and interpret Jetstress data.

Today a post appeared on the EHLO Blog advertising the availability of the Jetstress Field Guide for download.

It covers:

Introduction to Jetstress   
Jetstress Internals
Planning for Jetstress
Installing Jetstress
Configuring Jetstress
Jetstress Output Files
Reading Jetstress report data
Common Issues   

and a number of appendices with more detail on configuration and command line options.


This 49 Page document is well written, contains loads of details and is well worth the as well as the permanent addition to your chest of tools!

This guide should not be a replacement for Mailbox Server Storage Design, since Jetstress should be part of the design validation stage and not BE the storage design.

Happy testing.