Build your own cloud

Why build your own?

Do you need your own?

What if you do?

And you want to build it on Hyper-V ?

If you don’t think that Hyper-V is that mature, then consider that Hyper-V adoption is up by 12%.

Virtualisation is the cornerstone to rapid provisioning of cloud based systems, and the talk on the street is that Hyper-V and SCVMM is closing the gap rapidly on the competitive offerings….

Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NEC  are listed as partners on the private cloud program. If you are a cloud based business, or are considering moving some of your infrastructure into a self provisioning cloud that you’d like to build and own, then have a look at Microsoft's private cloud portal, which offer a “build your own” as well as a “pre-validated” configuration tabs,  amongst others in the deployment section.

How serious is Microsoft about this ?

Tech-ed Europe’s announcements and majority of the new sessions centre around cloud, Hyper-V, cloud management and provisioning of some sort.

Personally it looks like this is a space that Microsoft is wanting to dominate. Office 365, various flavours of BPOS, LIVE, Live@EDU, to name a FEW of Microsoft’s own cloud based offerings as well as a dedicated section on, should show that Microsoft is not only a serious cloud vendor, but now a cloud based vendor offering the tools to grow your own.

Looking at this you may think that you’re inspired to build your own cloud, if so then you may remember that HP, IBM and Dell cloud computing products can help you build your own public or private cloud.