My phone is dead, long live my phone

After the advent of Exchange SP2, I regarded my mates running Windows Mobile 5 with much distain and jealousy. Until the day arrived when I installed RoadSync from  Dataviz


What an awesome product  - I LOVED it. Finally my mail followed me around on my Imate Jam, even over GPRS. the nicest thing is it JUST worked, no messing about, no fuss, life was grand.


Until of course my phone died, and I was given a Nokia 9300i on loan. I thought - this may be a GREAT idea to test this phone impartially and see how I get on, bearing in mind that I used to be a Nokia die hard until I started using Windows Mobile phones. The nice folks at Dataviz helped out again, and I was mobile again.


I can't wait for my new Windows Mobile phone. Nokia can learn some serious lessons about rich phone platforms. YES I had a reset button and I used it often, but the phone did allow me to be massively productive in ways that I cannot achieve easily with the Nokia platform. Writing apps in Java - who you kidding?

Windows Mobile dude - once you've had it, you want it again and again.........


As soon as I can get myself another Windows Mobile phone I'll be waving goodbye to my Nokia.