Nokia Adopts Windows Mobile as it’s Phone OS

Nokia and Microsoft jointly announced today that Nokia will be using Windows Mobile as it’s smart phone OS.

Nokia will add value to the Windows Mobile platforms in the area’s where Nokia did well, however this agreements narrows the phone market down to 4 major players, Specifically Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry and Android.

Where’s this going? Nokia throwing in their lot with Microsoft narrows the market down even more, and personally I predict that one of the four is going to fall in favour of the other three. Who’s is going to be? Whoever YOU stop buying ……

One thought on “Nokia Adopts Windows Mobile as it’s Phone OS

  1. My view is that Microsoft will fall seeing as they don’t really have a compelling platform or business case, and their internet strategies have failed like Mubarak ( and Nokia itself ); however I’m willing to wait and see. The problem is that every company that has got into bed with Microsoft has ended up dead or completely subsumed. And most times, Microsoft can’t execute properly on what should be an easy sell. Novell, amongst countless others, is the latest victim.

    Just a note too, that the deal is for Nokia’s smartphone business only ( but we’ll see how that pans out ).

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