Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 Express

A “lighter” version of 7.5 has been made available for and install for non server machines. Quoting from the Download page:


IIS 7.5 is a simple and self-contained version of IIS 7.5 that is optimized for developers.


IIS 7.5 Express enhances your ability to develop and test web on by combining the power of IIS 7.5 with the convenience of a lightweight web server like the ASP.NET Development Server (also known as Cassini). IIS 7.5 Express is included withMicrosoft WebMatrix, an integrated suite of tools designed to make developing web applications on Windows simple and seamless. IIS 7.5 Express can also be used with Visual Studio 2010 as a powerful alternative to Cassini. The benefits of using IIS 7.5 Express include:

  • The same web server that runs on your production server is now available on your development computer.
  • Most tasks can be done without the need for administrative privileges.
  • IIS 7.5 Express runs on and all later versions of Windows.
  • Many can work independently on the same computer.

This package installs only IIS 7.5 Express. For an integrated development experience, also install WebMatrix or Visual Studio 2010.


While this is good for the obvious reasons, I worry that this is a small reversal on the rigour required to produce stable robust and secure installers. Anyone else feel the same way?

Drop me a comment either way – I'd love to know what you're thinking especially if you're a developer.