How to migrate just about anything

I worked with the nice folks over at Mimecast to build a series of Webinars, which include:

Webinar 1 - Migration planning: where to start
Webinar 2
- How to design your Exchange migration process
Webinar 3
- Migration gotchas: real world examples
Webinar 4
- Measuring migration success

I really enjoyed building these webinars, since they delve deeply into one of my favourite mantra’s “ Process is more important than technology”. I co-presented these with Barry Gill and Justin Pirie , who shared a number of their experiences and had a ton of value to add to the sessions.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is the enabler, and very often the key enabler, but I’ve seen many organizations pin their hope on technology only. With that in mind, if you’re an architect, manager or consulting professional who needs to know where to begin, then I hope you’ll enjoy this series.

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