Exchange 2010, Outlook 2003 UDP notifications are back

2010 has been criticised for appearing to be slow for clients, that's another way of saying that customers didn’t rush out and update Outlook to the latest versions as they became available.

would complain that messages would only appear on a minute boundary, and generally they hand held derives would receive new message notifications before they did.

used UDP notifications from the server to notify clients of messages as they arrived, note that the biggest impact here is running in online mode,  not cached mode. Users with very large mailboxes running in online mode and/or terminal services users would have been the worst affected.

Fear no more, kb 2009942 releases detail available after the installation of Update 1 for Server 2010, presenting new configuration parameters in the registry.

That, along with the news of Exchange 2010 service pack 2 and the GAL segmentation improvements coming later this year, along with a number of other posts on the teams website, has made it an interesting week in the Exchange community.