Who would have known…..

That one little blog post could generate so much heat:


The Exchange team blogged about their decision to stick with ESE. The media jumped on the band wagon and reported in a slightly neutral stance while comments abound on the blog post. There’s much heat being generated, and the comments display a fair amount of passion, frustration and misinformation as well.


Having using Exchange as well as other messaging products for nearly two decades, I have a lot to say about guidance, procedures, following best practices and not fiddling, but I’ll let the heat on the post cool down a bit before offering comment. Suffice it to say that it’s great watching the feedback from both sides of the story, the informed and the misinformed, as well as people wearing tin hats 😉


IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, then please browse over to the post and post a comment, but don’t be abusive. The blog posts and resulting feedback are taken VERY seriously by a team who work really hard to produce a great product and this is a great chance to say your piece!