MVP Interop Event Happening

I'm going to be part of Interop in South Africa. Essentially it's a meeting between ourselves and the open source community to share how we can play together nicely. I do believe I'm going to be the only one waving the infrastructure flag, but I'm happy to take questions on anything. Things I'm playing with include anything mail related and Exchange, OCS, asterisk and SIP integration, Using AD in an open source world, with and without Samba (authenticating, managing, GPO's, etc, etc), Squid and stuff - and anything else that's above the belt. If I don't know, I'm happy to admit that as well.


Zlatan and I are trying to put together a Exchange/Sharepoint session and Open source Interoperability. Were hoping it'll be a cracker!

Come and check us out -

The Event will on the 10'th of  June 2008 09:00 AM - 10 June 2008 04:00 PM Harare
Welcome Time: 08:30 AM at Microsoft South Africa

Auditorium 1 & 2
3012 William Nicol Drive
Bryanston Gauteng South Africa

Here's the official invite texht that you may find here:

Interoperability – a difficult word to say, an easy concept to understand”.

The Microsoft MVPs from South-Africa invite you to come and discuss the world of interoperability in the development environment, exploring how we can integrate and interoperate with other technologies. The event will allow you to explore new ideas and solutions, collaborating with Microsoft Consultants, Community Leads and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) from South-Africa who will be giving an independent and vendor agnostic view. The objective is to become INTEROPaware and INTEROPable, proving that Interoperability is no longer a technology, but a mindset problem … creating one happy technology family.