Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer


has released The Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer (MBCA). What does it do? good question. according to the readme the tool analyzes a system's configuration based on a predefined configuration baseline model obtained from Microsoft.

You can it here:

To summarize, right now in terms of what it CAN do - it doesn't do much. BUT soon and very soon (days or weeks), after installing the MBCA tool, update will inform you that there are new configuration baseline models available for download. The readme also talks about a desperately available GUI.

Now some of what I'm about to say is presumption, however I do see this as being a good thing. I'm talking to folks who don't have an idea about what a good configuration is and what context this may apply to - and where do you even start. To give you an idea - a question I get a lot is: "I'd like to know how to build a suitable configuration for an server". Without knowing a) what version, b) what role c) what load d) context e) directory context this question is about as open ended as - "what car should I buy"

I'm hoping that in  the next few weeks we should have some pleasant surprises coming out of Microsoft, and even that GUI they're talking about 😉