Outlook 2010, message headers, and the stone ages

In yesterday’s blog post Hey Outlook 2010, where are my message headers? viewing the message headers were discussed, and the efficiencies gained by having fewer clicks to get to the same message header dialog.


Message headers are quite critical when it comes to understanding and diagnosing the path a message went through, and in a number of legal systems are considered as much evidence as the message body.

The dialog that shows the message headers in Outlook and in OWA is miniscule at best. An example from OWA is shown below, Outlook itself isn’t any better.




Neither dialog can be resized and requires us to copy and paste the contents into a notepad or similar in order to read the many line message header that accompanies a modern mail.

I would have thought that the OWA dialog was going to be better, alas there’s no re-sizing there either.

Since we all know what a big deal this is, and the evidentiary nature of message headers (the judge can ask for them), I think it’s high time that we get a decent dialog displaying message headers, not the same old small dialog that we’ve had for several Outlook versions.

2 thoughts on “Outlook 2010, message headers, and the stone ages

  1. Agree 100% on this. The way legislation appears to be inevitably heading, and the expectations of Executive Management in the corporate world, I think it’s high time there was a more ergonomic method of analyzing this data.

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