June/July activities

It's a busy month in community land with two activities planned.

One activity for Africa and another one for information worker.

The ITPRO Africa event will be held of the 5'th of July and speaks to the relevance of in the modern enterprise. Even though we have vendors presenting, a No Marketing rule applies. Speakers may share knowledge and experience, but may not market their products.


Information Worker is a recurring event, every last Thursday of the month. The event is a community event, which implies active “audience” participation. As community , they are meant to be much more about sharing and much less than one person presenting. If you're attending, I hope that sinks in. Bring questions and your stomach, since beer and pizza will be provided. Registration is required, even though the event is , otherwise we don't know how much pizza to buy: http://www.informationworker.co.za/Pages/CapeTownEventRegistration.aspx


If you read my blog, and come to the event, then make a point of saying hello and letting me know. Look forward to seeing you there.