Exchange 2010 UM – Where did FAX go

The team put out a great post that may be a bit of a shock to you if you’re running 2007 and receiving faxes.

2010 no longer handles the inbound fax negotiation, if a fax tone is heard, the call is handed off to a fax solution via the solutions URI. This means if you’re receiving faxes currently and you’re going to to 2010, you need to be watching this space for announcements on partner solutions as they appear.

How could this be a good thing?

Well, considering that all the 2007 role did was receive faxes, wouldn’t it be nice if you no longer had duplication with your enterprise faxing solution and could take advantage of what both solutions did best ? I’m never a fan of partial solutions, and since we only had incoming fax capability in 2007 - and nothing else - , having an integration path to a partner solution suits most folks much better than building a fax solution from the ground up.