Windows 2008 R2 RTM Code downloadable right now

As I write this I'm downloading 2008 R2 RTM from TechNet.
Both MSDN and TechNet now carry RTM code, and I'm super excited to be upgrading
my notebook from RC to RTM. In case you didn't read right there, I've been
running the x64 edition of the release candidate on my mobile Workstation
with 8GB of RAM, and honestly it has been the most useful platform I have had
in YEARS. Being able to run labs, downloaded 's and other 64bit guests right
next to office has been absolutely amazing. And yes, every now and again things
are a bit slow due to the whole host/guest thing, but most of the time
it's livable.
While I realize that I'm a tiny minorirty of who would want to do this,
I've been dog fooding my own statements that Hyper-V has been dropping the barrier
to virtualization to commodity hardware. I've successfully used this
configuration since RC came out, and have done various demo's on it, including
my demos.