PHP Manager for IIS 7

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No you didn’t read wrong, the title is correct – PHP manager will work with IIS 7 and 7.5 The official IIS site now features a very cool download allowing you to:   Register PHP with IIS; Validate and properly configure existing PHP installations; Run multiple PHP versions side by side on the same server […]

Make Web not War – PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal available for download on Microsoft .com

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That a quote from the bottom of a series of Microsoft Web pages. Interested ? Read on…. Things have been rather interesting over at, specifically over at   Each one of these represents a download area to an installer to get any one of these applications downloaded […]

ITPRO Africa Cape Town Event – 10 June 2010

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We’re having our next free Cape Town based event. This time round we’ll have a particular focus on OCS integration and Windows 7. What can OCS integrate with, well darn near anything. To prove the point Uwin’s going to demonstrate integration from two extreme’s – Asterisk and Exchange 2010. One you would to be totally […]

MVP Interop Event Happening

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I’m going to be part of Interop in South Africa. Essentially it’s a meeting between ourselves and the open source community to share how we can play together nicely. I do believe I’m going to be the only one waving the infrastructure flag, but I’m happy to take questions on anything. Things I’m playing with […]