Nokia Adopts Windows Mobile as it’s Phone OS

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Nokia and Microsoft jointly announced today that Nokia will be using Windows Mobile as it’s smart phone OS. Nokia will add value to the Windows Mobile platforms in the area’s where Nokia did well, however this agreements narrows the phone market down to 4 major players, Specifically Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry and Android. Where’s this going? […]

AstraSync saves my mobile bacon

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My mobile phone’s a BlackBerry. I love how stable it is, I love the community support, the battery life, and so on and so on, Except I battle with the fact the RIM haven’t done anything about licensing ActiveSync. So, I understand there’s competing platforms, etc, but honestly, I don’t care. As the consumer, I […]


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Twitter on my blackberry – twitterberry, in my outlook, on my msn, on my Klipfolio, and it only took a few minutes to get sucked in…………. I’m twittering. Now to find the coolest twitter windows app…..

I have a new Toy – a Blackberry 8800

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Yup – it’s not a Windows phone – it’s a Blackberry – Why ? Battery life with good follow-me email support. The Blackberry service knows how to suck mail out of OWA and push it to my phone – while it’s not the rich phone experience I’m used to on the Windows Phone platform, it’s […]