I'm looking for a hardware sponsor

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Quite seriously I am. most of my life is spent building and running virtual machines, and often my Vista powered notebook with several external drives runs out of steam. With this in mind I’m looking for a hardware sponsor who would like to know how their kit runs using Windows server 2008 and Hyper-V and/or […]

MVP summit feedback on – DPM

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DPM rocks. After years of stuffing around with backup, I found a Microsoft centric backup solution which I would trust, and ironically it’s from Microsoft. The nice thing is that hitting the DPM homepage immediately gives you useful white papers on how to use the product, calculate sizing on backup solutions by product, etc. Stuff […]

In Seattle and the food's great

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Eating Clam chowder at Pike Place in Seattle, WOW! It was that good.  Food in Seattle is fantastic. Generally I have not been disappointed, and living in South Africa for a few years, I’ve missed being able to have bagels on tap! The other thing I’m really chuffed about is DEFINITELLY the coffee. Starbucks in […]

ps | where {$_.responding -eq $false} | kill

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What a strange title for a post? I was browsing a few minutes ago until my browser stopped responding. Since I’m trying to apply Powershell in most situations I fired it up and ran: ps | where {$_.responding -eq $false} | kill which get’s all running processes, filters by which one’s are not responding, and […]

Why talk about PowerShell ?

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You might be wondering why I’m posting so much about PowerShell since I’m an Exchange MVP. I’m going to try and expand on this a little bit and add as much clarity as I can. Jeffrey Snover has spoken about this a lot in his introductory sessions on PowerShell and I’d like to amplify this […]


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If you’re STILL looking for easy ways to learn PowerShell and you haven’t been to one of my talks about learning PowerShell from INSIDE PowerShell, then have a look at PowerTab. It’s FREE and it’s so useful I may trade in a less useful body part or two in exchange 😉 get it here: http://thepowershellguy.com/blogs/posh/archive/2007/06/05/powertab-0-93-and-bdd-2007-teaser.aspx […]

We need feedback please!

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At Tech-ed Africa we mentioned that were trying to raise a technical community. To this end we’ve started with www.exchangeserver.co.za, however since this is a site FOR the community by the community, please take a moment to have a look at the forums and post what you think YOU would like to see on the […]